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  • Tempest On Fire 07/05/2017
    Organised Kaos took part in the epic and challenging Tempest on Fire production more info soon
  • Training Space activities 07/05/2017
    Here are some photos showing how we use our training Space ( Organised Kaos HQ) Aerial classes, acrobatics, juggling, tightwire and a visit from our local Member of Parliament.        
  • RSPB – State of the Nation launch 07/05/2017
    We sent Corvus Angelicus out for the R.S.P.B. – State of the Nation launch into the streets of Cardiff.
  • City of the Unexpected 07/05/2017
    Celebrating the life and works of Roald Dahl, Organised Kaos Youth Circus provided performers
  • Brecon Jazz Festival 2015 07/05/2017
    Organised Kaos provided walkabout acts and a show in the centre of Brecon for the annual Jazz Festival. Our show included Aerial acts, Juggling Acts, Unicycling, Hats and group Acrobatics. We hired in professional artists Truan with his street show, Mr Jules on stilts and Circii’s Giant Pidgeons for the walkabouts.   ...
  • Sapphire Circus for Bergstrom Sapphire corporate event, 2014 07/05/2017
    We provided a bespoke show, Sapphire Circus, for client Bergstrom. One of our high-class corporate events in 2014. At the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.       
Organised Kaos
Organised Kaos
Organised Kaos
Spaces are filling up quickly!!!
Organised Kaos
Organised Kaos
Hello beautiful people!
We invite you and your family to come to Organised Kaos HQ this Friday at 3pm to watch a work in progress performance 'Living in bubbles' with the wonderful Truan Jay Mathias and Luca Macchi. The show will last approximately 30 minutes, afterwards there will be a questions and answers session with the opportunity to give feedback.
Don't miss out, you will be amused and amazed!

Helo bobl hardd!
Rydym yn eich gwahodd chi a'ch teulu i ddod i Bencadlys Organised Kaos y dydd Gwener hwn am 3yh i wylio perfformiad gwaith ar y gweill 'Byw mewn swigod' Gyda Truan Jay Mathias a Luca Macchi. Bydd y sioe yn para hanner awr, gyda sessiwn cwestiwnau I dddilyn- gyda'r cyfle I chi rhoi adborth.
Peidiwch â cholli allan, byddwch chi'n cael eich difyrru a'ch syfrdanu!
Organised Kaos
Organised Kaos is feeling excited.
Organised Kaos
Organised Kaos is at Organised Kaos.
Organised Kaos
Ma'r haf yn dod!
Summer is coming......